Site Review


Site Review Process in Ohio

The Site Review Process (SRP) is a process designed to help district and school leaders, teachers, and community stakeholders assess progress and challenges in implementing the HSTW/MMGW school improvement design.  The SRP will provide the school and leaders with an action plan not just an evaluation.  It focuses on the needs of the school and is aligned with the essential concepts and Key Practices of HSTW/MMGW.

The Site Review Process will challenge the school to explore state and national research-based practices to apply as implementation strategies for HSTW/MMGW school improvement and student success.  The HSTW/MMGW regional office and assigned coach will support sites in this process.


FY18 LTA’s
FY18 CSE LTA’s – All CSE LTA’s
FY18 NE LTA’s – All NE LTA’s
FY18 NW LTA’s – All NW LTA’s
FY18 SW LTA’s – All SW LTA’s

SRP Resources
2021-2022SRP Process Guide
2021-2022 SRP Report Document
Revised Preparing for Classroom Observations April 28 2018

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