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CSE Region Principal/Site Coordinator Forum September, 2019

Mindsets Plus Skill Sets – Ohio PPT
Mindsets Plus Skill Sets Handouts
Growth Mindset Classroom Slides PPT


Ohio School Improvement Institute 2018

Thursday 10:10 a.m.
R U Tech-ficientRoom  21
SREB Ready for College Courses: Preparing Seniors for Postsecondary… – Room 30
Thriving Thursdays at FJHS Presentation – Room 31
Thriving Thursdays at FJHS PowerPoint – Room31
Standards-Based Learning: An Easy Approach to Student Mastery – Exec Mtg Room
Changing the Stress Mindset from “Uh Oh!” to “Oh!” – Ballroom A
Seven Principles for School Improvement – Ballroom DE
Thursday 11:10 a.m.
Making the Most of Easily Accessible Data for High School Decisions – Room 22
SREB Ready for High School Courses: Ready for High School Literacy – Room 30
SREB Ready for High School Courses: Ready for High School Math – Room 30
SREB Powerful Literacy Strategies (K-12) – Room 33
Student Accountability Through ICU PowerPoint – Room 34
Student Accountability Through ICU Chart – Room 34
Thriving Learning Communities: A New Lens on Social Emotional… – Ballroom DE
Thursday 1:30 p.m.
Using Restorative Discipline Techniques to Promote an Atmosphere of… – Room 21
Teaming Up for Career Advising: Students Are the Winners – Room 30
So What, Now What? Resilience Can Be Taught and Must Be Taught – Room 31
Cultivating Literacy Improvement Among Adolescents At Risk Handout – Room 33
Cultivating Literacy Improvement Among Adolescents At Risk Overview – Room 33
Cultivating Literacy Improvement Among Adolescents PowerPoint – Room 33
Continuing to Modify and Improve Extra Help – Room 35
Double the Speed of Learning Through the Instructional Cha-Chas – Ballroom A
Fixer Upper – Ballroom DE
Thursday 2:30 p.m.
The Tools Needed for Accountability with Improvement – Room 21
A Comprehensive Approach to College/Career Readiness… – Room 22
Literacy Rhythms That Create Independent Thinkers Handout – Room 33
Literacy Rhythms that Create Independent Thinkers Presentation – Room 33
Multi-Room Rotations to Address Gaps in Student Learning… – Room 35
Launching Twitterbots with Python – Exec Mtg Room
Thursday 3:30 p.m.
Gamification for Math Learning – Room 21
Preparing Students for Success: Our Unique CTE Programs – Room 22
Leveraging Career Pathway Opportunities to Create Hope in Noble LSD – Room 30
Supporting the Whole Child: Connecting School & Community Resources – Ballroom A
Trauma Informed Care – Ballroom DE
Friday 8:30 a.m.
Authentic Engagement for Student Success – Room 20
Authentic Engagement for Student Success – Room 20
Our Journey to College and Career Readiness – Room 30
Engaging Every Student Through PBL in Your Co-Taught Classroom – Exec Mtg Room
Engaging Every Student Through PBL in Your…Classroom Rubric – Exec Mtg Room
Friday 9:30 a.m.
Talk Data to Me: Using Behavioral Health Data for CCIP, PBIS, & OIP … – Room 31
Culturally Responsive Problem-Based Learning (CRPBL) for All Students – Room 32
Pillars to Effective School Turnaround and Leadership Development – Room 35
Pillars to Effecitve School Turnaround and Leadership…PowerPoint – Room 35
SREB Pre-Advanced Careers Middle Grades STEM Curriculum – Room 22
Friday 10:30 a.m. Closing Speaker
The X Factor: 3 Surefire Ways to Becoming a Great Teacher… – Ballrooms B-E

2016 CSE Best Practices Showcase
Differentiation Through Groups – Buckeye Valley Middle School
Excellence With Collaborative Scheduling – Ironton High School
Improving Your School’s Climate – Clay High School
Preparing For The Future – Bloom Carroll HS
The Think Tank – Rock Hill High School

2016 NE Region Best Practice Showcase 5-5-2016
End of Year Best Practice Showcase PowerPoint – Diana Rogers
Mindset Handouts

2017 CSE Best Practice Showcase
Athens HS – Track At Risk Students Power Point
Athens HS Best Practice Power Point
R. Glenn Ray Lunch PowerPoint

2018 CSE Best Practices Showcase
Athens HS PPT-Implementing Focus Groups
UDL Presentation – Nancy Ruth

2019 Best Practices Showcase
Changing Grading Practices Schoolwide – Buckeye Valley MS

Addressing the Needs of the Underserved, College-bound Students
Dorothy Dolasky Handouts

Assessment & Testing
Next Generation Teaching & Testing – Shannon Pence – PowerPoint
Balanced Assessment System – Dr. Michael White 

Best Practice Showcase
NE Best Practice Showcase 5-2016 PowerPoint – Diana Rogers

Coaches Training – June 9, 2016
Aligning Key Practices w/LRC
LRC Analysis Worksheet
LRC Components – Key Practice Questions
Meandering Toward Graduation
Overview of 2016 Ohio School Report Cards-ODE
Pathways For Success – Tisha Lewis, ODE
Report Card Guide

College and Career Readiness
The Role of Business in College and Career Readiness – Jim Stone
The Role of K-8 in College and Career Readiness – Jim Stone

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16
Connecting the Dots
Fall Reconnect PowerPoint
Reading & Writing Standards Chart

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – ALL TEACHERS ARE LITERACY TEACHERS
All Teachers are Literacy Teachers PowerPoint
Argumentative Rubric
LDC Work at Ravenna High School
LDC Writing Rubric

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – EFFECTIVE SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAMS
Effective School Leadership Teams PowerPoint
Resources for Teacher Teams
TBT Rubric

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT & MDC
Estimating Length – Scientific Notation
FAL Alignment Algebra 1
FAL Alignment Geometry
FAL Alignment Grade 7 Math
FAL Alignment Grade 8 Math

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – MEASURING GROWTH
2015 – 2016 Report Card Indicators
2015-2016 Cut Score Changes
ACT Profile Report 2016 Ohio Graduates
Legislative Update ACTE Fuly 2016 PowerPoint
Ohio ACT Profile Report
OLRC Spreadsheet
The Condition of College & Career Readiness

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – MINDSETS
Mindsets – Game Change, Brain Changer
Mindsets – How We Got Started (Norton Middle School)

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – REFLECTING ON DATA
Reflections 2014-16 Survey Results
Reflections 2016 Surveys PowerPoint

HSTW/MMGW Reconnect – Northeast Region 9-21-16 – STANDARDS-BASED GRADING
Intro to SBG and Reporting
SBG Questions for Reflection

Northwest Region Case Studies
Hardin Northern High School and Middle School Case Study
Patrick Henry Middle School Case Study
Van Wert High School Case Study

HSTW/MMGW Sites Fiscal Year 2016
Ohio HSTW/MMGW Performance Rubric

Ohio Regions FY17 Coaches Training-August 18, 2016
HSTW Revised Key Practices
HSTW Survey Results Worksheet
MMGW Key Practices
MMGW Survey Results Worksheet
Process Outline
Report Card Analysis
Rpt. Card & HSTW Data PPT

Rigor, Relevance, Relationship
Rigor PowerPoint, Jim Miles, International Center for Leadership

Worked-Based Learning: Best Practices 2/24/2016 NE Region 
2016 Summer Internships Announcement – Lakota Local Schools
Developing Business Partnerships for Student Internships – Lakota Local Schools
Internship Article – T&E Teachers – Lakota Local Schools
Job Shadow Presentation PowerPoint – Mahoning County CTC
Work-Based Learning Guide 2015 – Ohio Department of Education
Work-Based Learning Presentation PowerPoint – Washington HS

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