Northwest Region

WELCOME to the Northwest Ohio HSTW regional web page.

Regional Facts: The Northwest Region currently provides technical assistance in comprehensive systemic school reform to 46 sites in Northwest Ohio. We are welcoming numerous other sites to the exploring phase of the High Schools That Work and Making Middle Grades Work framework for their school reform model.The HSTW NW Regional staff is available to assist you by providing:

  • Regional Professional Development – workshops for teachers, coordinators, administrators on various aspects of HSTW
  • Extensive Professional Development and specialized programs/workshops
  • Formal and Informal Consulting – help creating/implementing site action plans and team development
  • Targeted Support – guidance through the Site Review Process
  • General Assistance – aid with analysis of HSTW Assessment data
  • Monthly Regional Newsletters
Regional Coordinator
Deborah Rivers
PH: 419.530.7226
FAX: 419.530.7240
Mailing Address
Mail Stop 924
2801 Bancroft Street Gillham Hall
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Professional Development Materials and Additional Resources

Career Advising Webinar
Career Advising Webinar Flyer

Reconnect 2 – Universal Design for Learning
The HSTW/MMGW Messenger

Assessment & Testing
Next Generation Teaching & Testing – Shannon Pence – PowerPoint

Best Practice Showcase
Best Practice Presentation Proposal

Best Practices Showcase 2018
Best Practices Showcase 2018 – PowerPoint

Data and Assessment
Data Driven Dialogue
Don’t Run, It’s Only Data – Summer Institute Presentation 6/2013
Next Generation Assessments – Bill Daggett – PowerPoint
Putting Data to Work – Tom Musgrave & Shannon Pence
Turning Data Into Actionable Information

Dr. Tim Westerberg PowerPoint Presentations
Exploring Best Practices in Glassroom Assessment & Grading – PowerPoint 2/14/2018
SBL Underlying Assumptions – PowerPoint 2/14/2018

June, 2018 Workshop
Career Advising Plan Workshop

Core Six #1
Core Six #2
Core Six #3
Handouts for Core Six #1
Handouts for Core Six #2
Handouts for Core Six #3
LDC Resources Core Tools

ODE Pathways Presentation
Pathways to Graduation – ODE 12/14/2017 PowerPoint

Standards-Based Grading
Standards-Based Grading 2-10-2016–Dr. Diane Heacox


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