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WELCOME to the HSTW Northeast (NE) Ohio Region web page.

Regional Facts:

HSTW NE Ohio Region is currently serving 58 High Schools That Work (HSTW) and Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) sites from 23 school districts in 13 counties. These sites are committed to implementing the HSTW and MMGW school improvement design of 10 key practices.  The region network is comprised of 8 career-technical centers, 31 high schools, 19 middle/intermediate schools, and 8 elementary schools.

HSTW NE Ohio Region is one of four regional offices that serve 282 Ohio network sites and joins the national network of 1300 sites in 16 states.  The national HSTW office is the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The goals of the HSTW and MMGW school improvement design are to increase student achievement and graduation rates by creating high performing K-12 school improvement cultures that focus on building local capacity to lead school improvement efforts.  Data-driven efforts are focused on results that ensure:

  • All students are prepared to successfully transition to the next grade level, ready to complete rigorous grade-level work without remediation.
  • All students graduate college and career ready for employment, enrollment and/or enlistment.

Services and Support from the Region and State Offices: Implementing sites are eligible to receive state funding from the Ohio Department of Education through the CCIP, and the following regional support and services include:

  • Technical Assistance/Coaching Services: school improvement plan development; implementation and monitoring; leadership team development and training; and specialty coaching for low performance by a site in implementing key practices identified through the Site Review Process.
  • Focused Staff Development: professional development for administrators and teachers focusing on: building leadership capacity; improving standards-based instruction, especially in literacy and mathematics; and improving the whole child through reasoning, STEM and social and emotional skills and learning.
  • Multiple Assessment Targets: a data-driven approach using multiple data sources including: achievement, demographic, perceptual and school process data; data sources include the Ohio Local Report Card, ACT, SAT, Advanced Placement, HSTW/MMGW Teacher and Student Surveys, Site Action Plans, Site Review Process, and state and national data analysis.
  • Active/Engaged Communication and Networking: ongoing communication from the regional office, visits to best practice sites, region and national recognitions, and participation in regional, state and national conferences.
  • Regional Grants: professional development and presentation grants from the region and our non-profit partner – HSTW Ohio Network.

Since joining the national network in 2000, Ohio has received 221 national recognitions for improved performance in implementing the HSTW/MMGW school improvement frameworks, more recognitions than any other member states.  In the northeast region, sites have received 33 national recognitions.  In addition, NE member sites have received Ohio Schools of Promise, Ohio Schools of Honor, and US News and World Report rankings at the Silver and Bronze levels.

NE region collaborates with State Support Teams (SST), Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), Educational Service Centers, Literacy Design Collaborative, Math Design Collaborative, Ohio ACTE, Ohio ASCD, Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers, and PAST Foundation.


Welcome New Leaders:

Superintendent Daniel White, Keystone Local School District


  • Becky Luth, Black River Elementary School
  • James Kohler, Keystone High School
  • Toni Filut, Keystone Middle School
  • Lynette Gorman, Pugliese West Elementary, Steubenville
  • Tommy Kotsanis, Wells Academy, Steubenville
  • Rachel Young, Valley STEM+ME2 Academy

Diana Rogers, Regional Coordinator, Cindy Rolfe, Fiscal and Project Manager, Kristin Ralph, Administrative Assistant and New Site Manager

Site Coaches
Barb Baltrinic, Deb Kennedy, Amanda Kortright, Angela Smith, and Andy Tommelleo

For more information on HSTW or MMGW in the NE region:

Regional Coordinator
Diana L. Rogers
Cell: 614.668.0686
Mailing Address
HSTW NE Ohio Region
115 Mountview Ct.
Mount Sterling, OH 43143
PH: 740.869.2650


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