Kevin Roulhac



Kevin Roulhac, M.Ed., Educator, Master Trainer


Featured Presentations:   
“Heart versus Hammer Approaches to Classroom Management”
“Empowering Students as Problem-Solvers”
“Supporting and Caring for Students During Challenging Moments”


Kevin Roulhac, M. Ed.,
is an RCD Certified Master Trainer and brings a unique approach to Responsibility-Centered Discipline. Kevin was a student in an RCD school and credits the model to helping him through very difficult times as a student. He has a true passion for the RCD model and has seen its transformative power as a student, teacher and school leader.

Kevin has been a classroom teacher and has served in a variety of leadership roles in his current school district.  Kevin brings a new, exciting and innovative approach to classroom instruction and classroom management. Kevin has also played a large role in developing a number of district-wide technology initiatives and technology-centered professional learning opportunities.  He has a passion for helping educators be as successful as they can be in the classroom.

Video:  See Kevin Roulhac in action


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