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HSTW and Middle Grades Assessments

HSTW and MMGW Student and Teacher Surveys

Beginning in the winter/spring of 2016, all active HSTW and MMGW schools will be required to participate in biennial student and teacher surveys.

About the Surveys & Participation: HSTW and MMGW are data-driven, research-based school improvement initiatives. Student and teacher surveys gather perceptions of school and classroom experiences that allow schools, districts and states a unique opportunity to determine what is and is not working to increase student achievement.

The HSTW Student Survey is administered to all or a random sample of at least 60 seniors at HSTW sites during their final semester of high school so that their entire high school career can be considered. The survey focuses on the key practices and priorities of HSTW—high expectations, guidance, extra help, work-based learning, assignments, rigorous career-technical education, and more. The student survey includes a transcript section that enables analysis of student course-work.

The MMGW Student Survey is administered to all or a random sample of at least 100 eighth-grade students during the winter. The survey is based on the MMGW priorities including school mission, rigorous state standards, a focus on literacy and mathematics, STEM, support, guidance and leadership.

HSTW and MMGW teachers participate in separate teacher surveys for their respective network. All teachers grades 9-12 should participate in the HSTW Teacher Survey, and all teachers grades 6-8 should participate in the MMGW Teacher Survey. Surveys are designed to provide teachers an opportunity to share their insights into school and classroom practices and to indicate the professional development they have received and would like to receive in coming years.

Administration Dates: The MMGW Student and Teacher Survey will be available online from January 25 until February 19, 2016. The HSTW Student Survey and HSTW Teacher Survey will be available online from March 14 – April 8, 2016. Student and teacher surveys take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

SREB: http://www.sreb.org/page/1144/assessments__surveys.html 


2016 HSTW/MMGW Student & Teacher Survey Tips
Tip #01 Scheduling the HSTW/MMGW Surveys
Tip #02 Components of the HSTW/MMGW Surveys
Tip #03 Informing Others about the HSTW/MMGW Surveys
Tip #04 Motivating Students
Tip #05 Planning and Organizing
Tip #06 Random Selection of Students
Tip #07 The Importance of the MMGW and HSTW Teacher Surveys

2016 HSTW Survey Administration Materials
2016 Course Description Guide
2016 Course Matching Chart
2016 HSTW Student Roster Form
2016 HSTW Student Survey Instructions
2016 HSTW Teacher Survey Instructions

2016 MMGW Survey Administration Materials
2016 MMGW Student Roster Form
2016 MMGW Student Survey Instructions
2016 MMGW Teacher Survey Instructions